Extreme Dieting For Permanent Weight Loss

atkins diet alternatives

Many people have a constant battle with their weight. They try everything to lose it but after a while the pounds just keep on coming back on. For people that need to lose a lot of eight in a small amount of time there are some extreme diet measure that they take. Houston weight loss websites and articles list several extreme diets. One of the most extreme diets is the Atkins diet.

The Atkins diet can help a person lose several pounds their first couple of weeks. This diet does not allow a person to consume carbohydrates such as sugars and flours. In this Houston weight loss diet some vegetables such as potatoes are not allowed. They are too high in carbs. In the first phase many fruits are not permitted due to their high sugar content. This diet allows a lot of protein such as chicken, seafood, and even a steak. Bacon is allowed on this diet. This diet will keep a person from feeling hungry often. When a person does eat they can consume as much protein as they would like to.

The first two weeks is the critical part of the Atkins diet. A person on a Houston weight loss plan has to limit their carb intake down to thirty grams or less a day. The carbs cannot be from fruit, sugars, or starches. During this two week time period a person can expect rapid weight loss. After this time a person can slowly add certain foods to their diet. Slowly fruits and some dairy products can be reintroduced to the diet in small amounts. After the first couple of weeks a person can expect to lose one to two pounds a week afterwards. This extreme diet is for people that need to lose a fair amount of weight in a short period of time.

Exercise is not required on the Atkins diet. While exercise is good for overall health a person will still lose weight if they do not exercise. When a person is looking for a solid diet, the Atkins will help a person take the extra pound off quickly.